Melbourne Cup 2018 will be on Tuesday 6th November. Get in the racing spirit with our very first Melbourne Cup Calcutta!

1) Raffle Tickets will be available for purchase from September 26th for $5 each. The proceeds of all ticket sales will go towards the final prize pool.

2) Customers must write their name and number on the ticket, and place it in the barrel behind the bar. Members who swipe their card when purchasing a ticket will have their names included on the ticket automatically.

3) The raffle will be drawn on Tuesday 30th October at 6:15pm. 24 names will be drawn from the barrel and assigned in order to 24 barrier positions – representing the 24 horses running in the Melbourne Cup. These winners are now considered to be the “owners” of their respective horses, and will be notified by phone.

4) On Saturday 3rd November at 6:30pm, we will hold an Auction. At this event, the ‘owners’ must offer the “ownership” of their horse for sale by auction. The owners will keep 50% of the selling price of their horse. The rest of the proceeds will go towards the final prize pool. Owners may also elect to “buy” the ownership outright by making the highest bid, thereby keeping their horse moving in to the race. In case of any dispute, the Auctioneers decision is final.

5) All horses will be offered up for auction and will be sold regardless of whether the owners are in attendance at the auction.

6) The Sands Hotel will record in public view:

• the names of the successful bidders at the auction and the amounts paid to the pool;

• the progressive amount of the pool as each auction bid is finalized.

7) The total prize pool will comprise:

• the proceeds of all tickets sales; and

• 50% of the proceeds from the auction as set out at 4)

8) In the event a horse gets scratched or withdrawn, the ownership of that horse is immediately forfeit. Owners who have ‘bought’ their horse at the Auction are NOT entitled to get their money back.

9) The prize allocation will be as follows;

1st Place: 60% of the total prize pool

2nd Place: 30% of the total prize pool

3rd Place: 10% of the total prize pool

10) Prize money will be available immediately following the running of the Melbourne Cup

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